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I cannot find words enough to express my gratitude and wonder and the beauty and feeling of safety that Genevieve brought to my birthing and pregnancy experience.  I am a 40 year old first time mother and though this was an intended pregnancy it still had elements of unsureness and worry to it.  Not only is Genevieve experienced with birthing, but she is an open compassionate and unbiased person.  I was able to be totally honest with all my fears, inadequacies and anxieties and I always knew she would be able to be helpful and reassuring.  When my birth actually happened she spent 3 days at the hospital with me, unwavering in her support and level-headed presence.  She helped me make the biggest decision of my life with clear-headedness and compassion. I could not recommend her any more highly. I wish every woman on this planet could have her present at their deliveries, we would all be given an incredible gift that I, at least have.  My spirit is eternally grateful for her presence and efforts.



Genevieve is an open and powerful vessel for the divine to shine through. She holds a safe and sacred container to empower the healer within yourself. I was amazed at how in tune she was with what I deeply needed. Entering her healing room is like entering the womb of the divine mother. With her, I remember, I surrender, I align, and I release what no longer serves me. She empowers me in knowing that I am my own healer, and all  that I need is within myself. Within every session many blocks and cobwebs are cleared within my chakras, my heart mends, and I gain so much strength and affirmation. Also, as an aspiring birthworker, I am deeply inspired by her work with families. It is not surprising that she has the same approach as a healer and doula, which is to lovingly guide, hold space, and empower so that we may all live in harmony. She is one of the most humble souls I know, and I am so beyond grateful for her love, guidance, and support!

~R. L.~


Genevieve is an incredibly down to earth and yet out of this world healer. She makes you feel comfortable the second that you are with her and has the knowledge and skills to go with it. Genevieve has helped me through severe headaches and neurological symptoms resulting from Lyme disease, physical and spiritual blockages, psychic attack, and brought me to places in meditation that I have never been or felt before. I am not only grateful for the impact shae has had on my life, but for the plain fact that she exists.